Here is a repository for some of some of the programs written by Wonder Dog Programs:

Teacher Resources:

  • PowerPoint Jeopardy: Play the game of Jeopardy in your classroom to review material for a test or quiz. All you need is PowerPoint and the ability to edit text on a slide.

  • Course Grade Calculator. Calculate the final course grade for any class taught in the Howard County Public School System using this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


  • phpWebLinks. Allows an you to create a list of web page links and than publish them to a web server. All this without knowing how to write html code.

  • phpAlumni. (Under Development) An automated alumni system for schools and organizations to have a section on their web site for their alumni members.

Visual Basic:

  • ChessLadder: Help track all the chess matches played by members of your club or group with ChessLadder. This program will rank each player and store information about every game they play.

  • Fret Helper: Learn the chord patterns on the guitar fret board using this visual display of over 220 of the most common guitar chords.